Shed Clearance Newport

Our Newport shed clearance service enables you to have a good clear out of your shed, outbuildings summerhouses and green houses. Our trained team have cleared multiple sheds over the years and we are always surprised at the amount of stuff that comes out of them. Although, its not only the contents we can clear. Our Newport shed clearance services also provides a professional solution to the safe take down of your shed.

Our vehicles have the capacity to deal with both the shed and its contents and in most cases within one visit. The standard size of shed clearance is for a 6 x 8 shed. A typical 6 x 8 shed consumes the volume of a midi skip (4 cubic yards of space) and would fill approximately one quarter of one of our 16-yard mobile skips, leaving around 120 black bags worth of space available for any contents you wish to dispose of from your Newport shed clearance.

We have conducted shed clearances that are both shop bought and some which are homemade. Our vehicles boxes are wide enough to consume a sheds panel so it lies flat on the bed of the truck, minimising the amount of mess we have to make, speeding the process up. We have all the tools needed for your Newport shed clearance and we can systematically work through your sheds contents to separate each waste streams for disposal. After your shed has been cleared, our team will remove any doors to gain better access and any glass, which could cause injury if broken. We will then remove the roof piece by piece, ensuring a safe working environment before taking the walls and floor away. A typical Newport shed clearance usually harbours other items around its perimeter but we can take those and anything else which may be under the sheds base that you require.

Our Newport shed clearance service is priced on a completely flexible basis, unlike skips where you have to guess the container size you need to dispose of your waste and potentially go to the expense of getting another skip in for your shed clearance if you require it. Our pricing is done on the amount of space you require in one of our vehicles, so you only pay for what you fill of them. The labour is included for an allotted time and can be extended if required and there is a surcharge for the consumables used like reciprocating saw blades needed for your Newport shed clearance.

Once the area has been swept and your happy with the amount of extra space you have gained from your Newport shed clearance. Our team will write the waste transfer note out indicating that your waste will be dealt with responsibly, take payment and depart for recycling and potential reuse.