Mobile Skip Rent Caldicot

Our mobile skip hire service is a reactive, completely flexible rubbish removal service. It has been developed with the industries core principles of landfill diversion and the reuse of waste in mind.

Our service features custom made 16-yard vehicles that have been specially commissioned to provide the right kit to get the job done! They are narrow and feature a short wheel base for manoeuvrability in the tightest of spaces.
The large box on the vehicle holds 16 yards which is the capacity of 2 two large skips worth of waste. Each vehicle is equipped with full tool kits and externally mounted shovel and brushes to ensure we leave the area clean and tidy.

The service includes the labour of two men to efficiently segregate the waste streams and load the vehicles systematically to ensure the effectiveness of recycling and reuse of each material.
The mobile skip hire service can be used for most waste types and jobs. We provide rubbish removal, garage clearances, attic clearances, garden clearances, office clearances, shed clearances and shed removal, green waste removal, kitchens clearance and bathroom clearance and house clearances. We have the flexibility to send multiple vehicles and men to a single job to ensure a speedy solution to your waste problems.
Using our mobile skip hire service means that your waste problem can be cleared within 24hours. You won’t have to load the waste as we do that for you. Pricing is conducted on a ‘pay for what you throw’ basis alleviating the guess work of what size of skip you would need; if you went down the traditional route of disposing of your waste. This means we can work to your budget or just take everything. You can also be as lazy or proactive as you want to be as the labour is priced on a flexible basis also and an allotted amount of time is included within the mobile skip hire call out charge.
The price of the mobile skip is always guaranteed to be more cost effective than traditional skip hire. As we only have on diesel trip to you and we recycle more in the process, so the savings are passed on to you, the customer.
Our customers also prefer the use of the mobile skip hire as it avoids any need for a costly road permit or the need to stay up all night to stop some people filling your skip up for you.
Once the job is completed and you are happy that all the waste has been removed using our mobile skip hire service, the team will issue you with a waste transfer note indicating that we are liable for what happens to the waste so you know its going to be dealt with responsibly. After taking payment the team will depart to recycle and reuse your waste.